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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My new addiction

About two weeks ago, my husband went shopping with a friend before taking him to the airport after his weekend visit. Well to my surprise, when Steven came home, het told me he had bought me a present. Okay so picture the image of little boy handing his mom "flowers", which is actuality are just dead weeds. You see that big smile on his face- that was Steven. Anyone that's knows my husband will tell you that sentimentality is not his strong suit. However that day he showed me a new side. He came home with a brand new sewing machine. I had been talking about wanting to get one for awhile now. Not only did he remember the brand I wanted, but the type. Needless to say, I have a brand new computerized Janome and I'm totally in love. I haven't sewn in awhile and so I decided to start out simple. I made this apron for my daughter. Granted it took me about 3 hours to finish - at some point I did have to stop and make dinner. She is 5 and is very creative so she was thrilled when mommy made her a new "art apron".


At 5:32 PM , Blogger Lesly said...

Came by way of your blog through your profile since I'm your latest SwapBot partner (hope you enjoy the paper scraps) -- cute apron, even cuter child!


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